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Q: Can I preview  a particular paper before ordering it?
A:  Sure! Just email us the advertised .wps file name of the particular paper that you're interested in and within a few hours we'll send you a FREE one page excerpt of that same report! If you're interested in more than one document, let us know each file name you'd like to preview and we'll send them all along ASAP!

Q:  When will I receive the paper that I order?
A:  Any of the papers you find listed on this website can be sent to you within just a few hours!  Black-Studies-Papers.Com is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can deliver your order via YOUR CHOICE of email or fax!  Federal Express is also offered as a third but slower delivery option. Check out our order form for complete delivery information & options!

Q:  Who writes these papers?
A:  The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. maintains a team of contracted researchers & writers--many of whom have been contributing papers on a multitude of different topics since 1994.
All of our experts are experienced at working with students from around the world and would be more than happy to assist YOU with your specific research topic! Feel free to
ask for an excerpt from any paper you find on this site and we'll gladly send you a free preview to help you judge the quality of our assistance!

Q:  What are the company's terms of sale?
A:  All papers listed on this website remain the intellectual property of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. and its contracted essayists.  Students purchasing our reports are required not only write their own unique papers, but also to cite the Paper Store as a source in their bibliographies while doing so.  All orders placed via this website are subject to The Paper Store's no refund/no cancellation policy.  However, customized research can be revised at no additional charge if it fails to meet the research assistance specifications to which we agree at the time of order.  Additional questions about our terms of sale can be directed to  --We look forward to assisting YOU!!!


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